All business is symbiotic in nature. You can be inspiring your peers one day, learning from them the next. In the end, people buy people. That makes sharing our stories the most compelling way to connect with one another.

What’s needed is a platform to embrace and empower our regional business ecosystem. Where varied backgrounds and perspectives provide new context. Harnessing potential, enabling growth. And at the heart of it, a dedicated team of curators unlocking insights for the good of us all.

So we’re changing the way people think about networking. Because we believe in self reflection, rather than self promotion. We’re far more interested in the tell, than the sell. By demystifying the art of storytelling, we deliver authentic thought leadership through events, publishing and broadcast media.

We come together to discover, share and grow. But we won’t be limited by geography, or our imagination. Instead, we’ll seek out local leaders, visionaries and experts, wherever great business thrive. Growing communities, in partnership with the businesses that power them. And nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone.

Who We Are

For anyone in business who is looking for meaningful connections, County Business Clubs is a professional ecosystem that provides its members with multiple platforms for sharing their story.

Unlike conventional networking groups, CBC translates authentic insights into tangible growth and facilitates mutually rewarding relationships that prioritise self-reflection over self-promotion, wherever great businesses exist.

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To become part of the CBC Sussex 100 and share your story with our growing community, advertise in SBT, be a podcast or radio show guest contact us today:

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