Connecting inner and outer ecosystems

8th July 2024

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By Cara Wheatley-McGrain, Founder of The Mindful Gut.

The stories we tell ourselves matter.

And the stories we share about our work have the power to connect and inspire us to thrive – even when times are tough.

In the Talk 24 I witnessed a group of extraordinary founders sharing their stories. There was a common thread, our businesses reflected our resilience, our lived experience and our values.

Isn’t this what businesses do best?

We see a problem, and we know in our bones we can help make it better.

I resonate with the County Business Club’s message to ‘tell rather than sell’.  Sharing the story of our business grounds everything we do in authenticity, and our values ripple out shaping the wider business ecosystem and community.

On the Talk retreat, supported by Toby Moore and the brilliant team of founders, I rediscovered my own story in an unexpected way – sharing how my business grew out of my experience of being on fire!

Twenty years ago I landed in A&E with a fire of inflammation so out of control – I was on the cusp of surgery to remove a chunk of my gut! One night on a dark hospital ward, afraid, inflamed, alone, I started a new story. I made a pact to learn to listen to my body, and to do everything I could to put out that fire!

I founded The Mindful Gut on a mission to inspire 1 million people to transform their gut health, and to put out the fire of inflammation.

As an author and speaker, I share the hidden story of our inner ecosystem! The story of our gut microbiome and its central role in both our physical and mental wellbeing.

As a coach, I’ve learnt to listen for the stories that keep us stuck and the stories that can catalyse change. And the deepest joy is that I get to share the simple steps to re-writing your gut health story!

I love working with individuals and teams offering fun fermenting demos, team lunch and learns, or co-curating the perfect away day!

This work is about revitalising our inner and outer ecosystems, because a healthy, resilient team makes a healthy, resilient business.

I’d love to connect on LinkedIn or sign up for my monthly newsletter where I share inspiration on creating a happy healthy gut for life!

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